The Only Two Causes of All Diseases by Toru Abo Dr

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In this book, I have narrowed down the causes of diseases to two roots, and have provided explanations from various angles. These two causes have surfaced by further substantiating what we call stress. There is no need to think that the causes of diseases are complex. There are only two things that we need to be conscious about in order to achieve longevity. When you understand the meanings of these two things, you will be able to grasp the causes of diseases on your own instead of fully depending on your doctor to find out the causes for you. You will also naturally see your own treatment options. It will also reduce the fear toward cancer. Our lives are built upon the intricate balance of various activities in our bodies. As you touch the essence of the world of life, you will be moved by it and will experience the excitement of living your life. Deep wisdom of life lies there. Don't you wish to gain the essence of the wisdom and utilize it fully in your life? Until now, modern medicine has not offered such a perspective. Instead, it fixated on particular symptoms, and the world of life has not been deeply explored. I will explain in detail in this book, but humans can finally overcome cancer. The true answer in how to avoid all diseases has been discovered. Therefore, I believe what I explain in this book to be a "once in a hundred year" discovery. Please take your time to read this book, to transform your awareness and obtain true health by attaining a balanced body and mind. Dr.Abo


Toru Abo, M.D., Ph.D. was born 1947 in northern Japan of Aomori. Prof. Abo is a medical doctor and a professor of Niigata University School of Medicine. He holds a Ph.D. from Tohoku University School of Medicine. While studying at Alabama University in 1980, he created "Leu-7," a monoclonal antibody against NK cell antigen CD57. He also discovered extrathymic T cells in 1989, and in 1996 the solution to the mechanism of white cells controlled by the autonomic nerves, among other medical achievements to stun the world's medical community. Books by Prof. Abo includes "Medicine and Illnesses" (Iwanami Shoten), "Two (and Only Two) Reasons Why We Get Sick" (Kodansha, Ltd.) and a best seller, "Your Immune Revolution" (Kodansha International).

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