New Apocripha, Zechariah: The True Genealogical Table of Jesus Christ Hidden in the Bible (English Edition) Kindle Chris Davis (著)


This is the world's first book that describes a quite innovative interpretation of genealogies in the Bible and succeeds in revealing the real genealogical table of Jesus Christ based on the passages in the Bible.
If Jesus was actually the Messiah prophesied in the Old Testament, then the name of his real father was inevitably recorded in the New Testament. And this fact has to be explained by the genealogies recorded in the Old Testament. On the two assumptions above, the author has read the Bible carefully. As a result one hypothesis generated a new hypothesis one after another, which led to the discovery of an astonishing trick in a corner of a genealogical table in the Old Testament. The discovery made it possible to clearly connect the genealogical table of David with that of Jesus for the first time in the history, although the demonstration of that connection has been believed impossible forever.
What this book describes may be regarded as heretical from a viewpoint of the traditional Christian Church. However, it doesn’t deny Jesus Christ at all, but tries to prove that Jesus Christ was actually the Messiah prophesied in the Old Testament.

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