Digital TV - Isdb-T: The Origin, R&d and Growth Osamu Yamada (著)

商品名 : Digital TV - Isdb-T: The Origin, R&d and Growth Osamu Yamada (著)

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BREAKING THE TABOO TO BRING OUT A NEW TECHNOLOGY: HOW INTEGRATED SERVICES DIGITAL BROADCASTING-TERRESTRIAL (ISDB-T) WAS DEVELOPED. Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting - Terrestrial (ISDB-T), the world's most advanced international standard on Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting (DTTB) system, was originally developed in Japan. It has since been adopted in many other countries, with Brazil being the first one. Despite the potential for a superior performance of ISDB-T, the top management of NHK, Japan's national broadcaster initially failed to recognize the importance of the development of this system while FM multiplexed broadcasting, BS digital broadcasting, DTTB, and Super Hi-Vision took the center stage of the research laboratory of NHK. This book reveals the inside story of the author's challenges and achievements in research and development of ISDB-T, and of his proposal for management of R&D projects of the system.

出版社: Babel Press U.S.A. (2017/5/10)
言語: 英語
ISBN-10: 0989232697
ISBN-13: 978-0989232692
発売日: 2017/5/10
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