Cosmic Bible Book 3: Paradigm Revolution by Paradoxical Truth Minoru Uba (著)


This is Book 3 of 4 volumes. This chapter explains the mechanism of the external universe, but the more important issue is what the universe really means to us. It also suggests some specific methods to approach our inner universe, such as releasing and integrating chakras, "the spiritual organs," and understanding the real meaning of the vertical relationship of parents and child. This book is the sacred revelation from the universe and it will be a core prophecy and proposal for the earth and human beings, explaining the destiny and the direction to take in the future.

When Mr. Uba was involved in research activities in the field of atomic physics and medical science, he experienced various super-science phenomena. Now, he cures various intractable diseases through long-distance treatment using the infinite power of the universe. By analyzing their personality formation history and developing their mind and spirit, he also helps to improve lifes outlook for those who have problems in their life because of their mental attitude.

ペーパーバック: 214ページ
出版社: Babel Press USA (2015/7/4)
言語: 英語
ISBN-10: 0989232646
ISBN-13: 978-0989232647
発売日: 2015/7/4
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