The Managerial Ideas from the East (English Edition) Kindle版 Yoshifumi Taguchi (著),Yumi Noji (翻訳)

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A Taoist scholar and a highly experienced corporate reformer who has led over 2,000 Japanese companies to transform their organizations shares the vision that the wisdom deeply rooted in Japanese traditions can provide valuable guidance to corporations around the world. Management Ideas from the East offers an adept insight into management philosophies that derive from a unique Japanese philosophy and classic Chinese texts whose concepts were widely integrated in prewar Japan. They include the teachings of the Four Books and Five Classics, Taoism, Sun-tzu, Zen, Zeami, Honen, Dogen Zenji, Sen no Rikyu, Matsuo Basho and Musashi Miyamoto. The book looks into the concepts of corporation-society and company-employee relationships, the roles of corporations, the essence of leadership as well as the meaning of work that were once widely recognized and respected in Japan. Having the idea of marrying Eastern wisdom and Western practice as its basis, Management Ideas from the East offers business leaders, Japanese or otherwise, an insightful reading and fresh global thinking for the 21st century.


Yoshifumi Taguchi is a Taoist scholar and president of the Nippon Kateikyoiku Kyokai, an organization founded in 2009 whose mission is to revitalize traditional Japanese home education, and the Toyo to Seiyo no Chi no Yugo Kenkyujyo, an institution founded in 2007 to explore the direction Japan should follow in the 21st century. He is also president and CEO of Image Plan Co. Ltd., which he founded in 1972. Since its inception, Taguchi has guided over 2,000 companies in implementing organizational and management reforms. He served as president of Suginami Shihan Kan, a center for community-based training programs designed to cultivate passionate educators. His leadership-building guidance, based on the classic Chinese philosophy, which Taguchi has studied for more than 40 years, has cultivated a long list of executives and politicians. He is also a leading expert in Eastern ethics and leadership. He has held numerous speaking engagements and seminars with well over 10,000 participants at various corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions nationwide. Taguchi was born in Tokyo in 1942.


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