The Power of Body Awareness by Hideo Takaoka

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This book explains the state of body awareness in which the structures and functions of the body and mind are operating at maximum effectiveness. The author, Mr. Hideo Takaoka, realized that there are seven secrets of body usage that apply to your daily body movements. He introduces those secrets in this book and provides training methods as "YURU EXERCISES." The YURU EXERCISES were created based on the theory and techniques of Japanese traditional martial arts. Those methods are very easy and require very little effort, so you can incorporate them into your daily life. You will notice many benefits, not only the physical aspect but many kinds of mental benefits as well. YURU EXERCISES are designed to create the 'relaxed and loosened body and mind' that you must obtain to develop and strengthen your body awareness.

Hideo Takaoka is a kinesiologist, the director of the Research Institute of Kinesiology, and the developer of YURU EXERCISE. These exercises provide you with a strong mind, healthy living, and a highly effective body. It grows the true nature of humans in all aspects of intelligence, emotions, and physical and mental ability throughout your entire life. He graduated from The University of Tokyo, and received his master's degree from the Graduate School of Education of The University of Tokyo. Through his extensive study and research, while he was in the Graduate School, he has revealed the true depth of body awareness-the fundamental essence which supports human physical and mental abilities. Takaoka currently provides guidance to top-level athletes, performing artists, musicians, actors, doctors, professors, business owners and politicians as well.

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発売日: 2014/8/25
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